Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lake Johanna 4 Mile

The Minnesota Distance Running Association put on a great race this morning. I decided last weekend to sign up for the MDRA Spring Race Series. This was the first race in the series. The race was described as a scenic yet challenging Four mile loop around Lake Johanna through the residential neighborhood of Arden Hills. It had just the right amount of hill to make you hurt.

The race didn't start until 11am. At first I thought this was going to be great but by 9:00, I was ready to run. I got extra time to be nervous about the race. I got to the start a little after 10am. I quickly signed up and shed a few extra layers. I headed out for a 2ish mile warm-up, did some stretching and lined up at the starting line.

I ran into Steve at the start and said hi. It is really fun getting to know some of the local runners. The race started and there was a gradual uphill for the first mile or so and then the course was rolling the rest of the way.

I started out next to a women and we stayed side by side for the first 2 miles. Then she passed me. We had almost caught up to 2 other women when she started to pick it up. I wanted to go with her but I couldn't get my legs to pick it up. I stayed about 10 meters behind the 3 women for the next mile and a quarter. Then we hit a long uphill in the last mile and I just couldn't hang with them on the hill. I told myself that it would be ok, I could catch them on the downhill but I didn't catch back up. I finished a few seconds behind the 3rd women in 28:08. I was a disappointed that I wasn't able to find my really competitive side and run with the women instead of accepting 4th place. I know that I am capable of faster time.
My Mac Jacket keeping me warm post race. I didn't win any of the door prizes.

Thanks MDRA for a great race. I am looking forward to the next race in the series which is a 7 miler next weekend.

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