Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tour de Ice Cream

June was a great month. I did so many fun things. I haven't had time to write about them. Here is quick recap of Tour de Ice cream. I also was in Oregon for the Olympic trials so I will try to get a recap of that up soon. It was so much fun...I can't put into words how great it was to be out there watching the best track and field athletes in the country.

Tour de Ice Cream taking over the road.

Tour de Ice Cream was a huge success. Eating tons of ice cream = success. There were about 30 people that participated in Tour de Ice Cream. What is Tour de Ice cream? Well, it involves 2 of my favorites things…ice cream and bicycles. Basically, you bike around to some ice cream shops and eat ice cream. It is a great way to spend a summer day with your friends.

I love ice cream!!!

We started off bicycling to the Pumphouse Creamery. This is one of my favorite ice cream shops in the Twin Cities. The ice cream is made with mostly local ingredients. They have a 5 scoop sampler that I love to share with a friend. It allows you to try so many flavors. Then we hit up Sebastian Joe’s for some Nicollet Ave pothole ice cream and ended at Grand Ole Creamery. It was a fun day in the sun with friends.

Things I have learned from previous year of Tour de Ice Cream:

1    1. Pace yourself with the ice cream. Ice cream is delicious but you can only eat so much before going into a sugar shock. Remember you still have to ride you bicycle home. It is best to find a friend and share your ice cream. What SHARE? Yes, share your ice cream. You will go to enough ice cream shops that you won’t mind sharing.

I bet you want some ice cream now.

2    2.  Pace yourself on the bike. There is no need to race everyone to the next shop. They won’t run out of ice cream. In fact, the longer you take the more time your ice cream has to digest. Win…you can eat more ice cream