Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Runnin' with Scott Jurek

A couple months ago, I got to go running with Scott Jurek and a hundred other people. He was in town promoting his new book, "Eat and Run." I was planning to buy the book. I am a sucker for new recipes especially from vegan athletes that I admire. He was going to be in town giving a talk, signing the books and running with us. I was so excited to meet a local running legend!

Scott Jurek before the run.
I went to local running store and picked up my copy of the book and hung around waiting for the run to start with 100 other people. I figured that I wouldn't really have the opportunity to talk with Scott but I was excited to have the opportunity to run near him.

Scott in orange with a bunch of other runners.
 We did a little trail running. I took a photo of Scott running a little ways in front of me. I figured it was the closest that I would get to him.

I love trail running.
Well, I figured wrong. He ran right next to me chatting for a little bit. I said that I needed a photo to show all my friends that I ran next to running legend Scott Jurek. He grabbed my phone and took a picture of us running. I was so excited! It is a bit blurry but that is me running next to Scott!!!

I look like an alien.
After the run, he was going to give a little talk and do a Q & A session. Since I live in Minnesota, some of the locals that he talks about in the book were able to make it to the run and talk.

Dusty and Scott
I also got to meet Jenny and Hippie Dan. It was so exciting talking with all of them.

Post run he gave a little talk and then it was time to get our books signed. I positioned myself so I would be one of the first people to get my book signed. I still had to get home and pack for my trip to the Pacific Northwest. I was leaving the next morning at 5am.

Scott signed my book!
It was great fun to meet my favorite ultra runner! He really is an amazing athlete and a really nice guy!

I decided to run my first 50k next spring. I will be running the Superior Trail Race on May 18th. I am so excited and a little scared.