I was going to write a page about 100 thing about me but I ran out of steam so here are some random things about me. I will try to keep updating the page.


I run for Oiselle! I love their running clothes! My closet is full of Oiselle!

My favorite running shoe is the Brooks Ghost.

My favorite way to hydrate is with nuun! Love the stuff! There are so many delicious flavors!

You will usually find me drinking Kona Cola nuun while I am teaching.

I teach human physiology at a University in Minneapolis.

I ran a marathon 2 weeks after defending my dissertation. It was crazy!

I have never had ice cream from an ice cream truck. (I want to find one while I am out running)

I am studying for my written prelim exam.  Passed my prelim! Yeah!

I am a graduate student in Kinesiology. I received my PhD!

I studied mechanical loading on bones. I love bones!

I like the tv show Bones.

I love to read about bones.

I have a dog. I wish I had named her bones.

I try to ride my bicycle year round. Sometimes, I is cold in Minnesota.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I like to cook and bake.

I have lived in 4 states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Utah.

I have been to Portugal but do not speak Portuguese. It was challenging. I got kicked off a train because I didn't read the sign.

I would like to run a race in every state, not necessarily a marathon in every state.

I have biked to the top of the highest paved road in North America.

Every summer, I play Pac-Man on bicycles with a group of my friends.

There have only been 2 trips to the ER because of bicycle Pac-Man. One because of a dog bite and the other because of a crash. I was involved in the crash. I ended up in the ER because a metal rod from my fender ended up going about an inch into my leg. Yes, it hurt a lot.

I ran a 5k 4 days after the the above incident. Maybe, not the smartest move but I finished.

I tried to hike to the top of Mount Shasta (14,179 ft) in California. I made it to pancake rock.

To be continued...


  1. Very cool list and great idea for a blog! I have definitely never heard of bicycle Pac-Man before... sounds fun!

  2. There is usually ALWAYS an ice cream truck this time of year on the west river parkway side of the Stone Arch bridge mid-day/afternoon, on the weekend. You know, just an FYI in case you want to change your #1...