Thursday, May 5, 2011

How not to train for a marathon

Grandma's Marathon is 6 weeks and 2 days away. I have yet to start my training. I have been running about 1x per week. I am not injured. I just have not been making training a priority. As an Exercise Physiology grad student, you would think I would know the importance of training.

I was thinking about trying the 6 weeks training plan. Instead of tapering, I would start running but in reality my dissertation is not finished and I am freaking out that I only have 2 weeks left to finish it and then 2.5 weeks to prep for the presentation. That leaves me with about 1.5 weeks to train. Maybe, I will just run half of it and have a friend pick me up there.

I did a 10k last Saturday. It was a good learning experience. If you aren't training, you can't expect to run fast. I hit the 5k mark and just king of blew up...I could barely move. My left was bothering me and I started getting blisters on my feet. That is just crazy, blisters from a 6.2 mile run. I never get blisters. I suppose the rain didn't help with the blisters. I crossed the finish line and pulled my shoes off, walked to the food (mmm...chocolate milk), stretched and ran into an old cross country teammate. Which was the best part of the race!