Friday, February 22, 2013


I can't believe I am even considering showing anyone my weight or body fat percentage, let alone putting it on the internet for everyone to see.

One reason, I don't want to know or share my body fat percentage is because I love ice cream.

Have you heard of the BodPod? Well, it is a one of the most accurate ways to measure body fat. Yeah, just what I want to know, an accurate measurement of how much fat I have.

If you want to know your body fat percentage, the BodPod is a pretty slick way to determine it. I don't really want to know what percent fat I am but I did it anyway but I love science and technology. I geek out on numbers so how could I refuse to know this number. I really liked that you didn't have to get pinched or go underwater and exhale all of your air.

With the BodPod, you just sit in the chamber for 2 to 3 measurements of 50 seconds each and then you are done. Easy...

Then you get this lovely printout that tells you how much fat you have on you. also tells you how much fat free mass you have! That is everything in your body...lean mass, bones, organs...

If you are lucky they let you goof off and take silly pictures of yourself in the egg looking contraption.

Surprise, its me!

Let me out of this thing...

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