Friday, July 30, 2010

Hip pain and patellofemoral syndrome

Since the beginning of July, I have been dealing with a pain in my right hip and patellofemoral syndrome of my left knee. I have been taking it easy with running. Hence, the lack of posts about running in my running blog. I took a few days off at the beginning of the month but the pain seemed to be getting worse. So I went to see my sports med doctor (who happens to also be on my dissertation committee that happens when you study Kinesiology). He took an x-ray of my hips and said my hips didn't look very good...what, how can that be, I am young. Basically, he really didn't know what the problem was so he was going to send my x-ray to a hip specialist. He said I have coxa profunda...deep hip sockets. So what does that mean? I have no idea. But it may or may not be the cause of the pain in my hip.

Therefore, I am going to physical therapy. I had my first session of PT last week which was an experience. My appt. was at 10:30 so they tell me to get there at 10:15 for paper work so I do. I then start waiting for my PT. Finally at 11:15, as I am heading up to the desk to see if they forgot about me, my PT comes to get me. She says they have overbooked her and that she also has an 11:00 appt. and that my appt. will take about 45 min so she is going to work with both of us. It turns out just fine but I just had to do a lot more waiting. I left around 12:30. But she is suppose to be one of the best PT around so I am willing to wait if it means the pain in my hip will go away. I left with 4 stretching exercises.

On another note, I really want to become a Brooks I.D. member because I love Brooks products. I only run in their shoes and I just got a new pair of the Brooks PR short. Wow, these are the most comfortable shorts for running. Back to becoming a Brooks I.D. member, I sent my application in a couple months ago and just received word that I needed to send in a referral form. I have to get a sales rep, Brooks GURU or a store owner to recommend me. I have no idea how I am going to do that because I don't frequent one running store. I usually go to the store that I have a gift card to. Ideas anyone?

More to come...soon I hope.
  • bicycle pacman
  • TRX certification course -awesome!
  • Bod Pod testing
  • VO2 max test
  • half marathon next Saturday


  1. Therapy really worked wonders for my IT Band issues. Hoping it gets you over the hurdle with you hip and knee. I'm so paranoid about injuries now that I'm still doing my therapy routines 4 months later. Figure it can't hurt.

  2. Hi Julie,
    What half marathon are you running next weekend?

    You should talk to Average A about the Brooks thing...she is doing it now:)

    I have not tried the Brooks shorts yet but it sounds like they are great. I am all about comfort when running.

    I hope that you have a great weekend Julie! Take care of your hip. I had hip issues last fall after my first 10 miler. It took months for me to recover. Hang in there:)

  3. Evolving through Running - I agree. It is amazing what PT can do for you.

    Julie - I am running the Urban Wildland one. Are you running one?

    I will have to chat with Average A about the Brook I.D. program. Thanks. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  4. I hope PT helps you out!

    I just bought my first pair of Brooks this week!

  5. Hi Julie,
    can't find your email, so leaving comment here...but...




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