Monday, December 7, 2009

Monster Marathon Series

I am challenging myself to run more frequently so I signed up for the Monster Marathon Series.

Polar Dash 5k 1.1.2010
Minneapolis Half-Marathon 6.6.2010
Minneapolis Duathlon 8.29.2010
Monster Dash Half-Marathon 10.30.2010

I've never run a half-marathon so why did I sign up for 2 half-marathons next year? Probably, because I am crazy and I love to run. Actually, I hope it motives me to get out and run more frequently...what is your motivation to run each day? race? weight loss? weight gain? other?


  1. That is a good reason so run.

    Another motivator for me is cookies. I love cookies. I want to be able to eat lots and lots of cookies.

  2. yay!
    i love races in winter.
    my favorite is the valentine's 5k around lake harriet with the good sugar cookies.

    my motiviation is to get happy via endorphins :)