Monday, April 8, 2013

Training Recap for the week of April 1

It was a great week for training. The snow has finally melted off the track! Yeah! I love winter and snow but I was ready to hit the track.

I made some plans to run with friends this week so I ended up only running a few days on my own the entire time. Actually, I am planning to meet a friend on the track one time per week. We won't always be doing the same workouts but it will be nice to have someone at the track with me.


Monday: 2.5 mile warm-up to the track, 6 x 400 m with 400 m jog, 2.5 mile cool-down

The track is 2.5 miles from my house so I will always have a good warm-up to get there. I forgot my watch so I have no idea what kind of pace I was running. It was challenging but I think I was pretty consistent. I didn't want to do anything crazy on my first day on the track. It was just the right amount because my legs were still pretty tired from the hilly 7 mile race on Saturday.

Tuesday: 5 easy miles

Wednesday: 2 mile warm-up to the hill, 6 x 0.25 mile hill repeats, 3.3 mile cool-down

After last weeks poor performance on the hills, I decided that I needed to add hill repeats to my weekly calendar. It was windy Wednesday. There was a nice headwind going up the hill, extra strength training, and a great tailwind when I was jogging down the hill. The repeats weren't fast but they were difficult. 

Thursday: Off

I need to bring a snack to school so when I get home around 6:15 I can go out for a run right away.

Friday: 5 easy miles

Saturday: 13 miles easy

I was meeting a friend to run 9 miles but decided that I wanted a few more miles for the week so I ran the 2 miles to and from her house instead of bicycling it.

Total: about 38 miles

Not high mileage but I am slowly trying to increase the miles.

I can't add...all week long I thought I was going to be over 40 miles for the week. 

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