Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meet of the Miles

A Monday night in January was the annual Meet of the Miles. This year was my first year participating in it. It is a fun event with lots of super speedy people at it. Everyone races the same distance...1 mile. There were 10 heats broken down by the time you expected to run. I wasn't sure what I could do since I haven't done any speed work for a while so I decided to sign up for the group planning to finish in 6:00 to 6:30.

I warmed up for a couple of miles while the faster heats were racing. It was so fun to watch the fast guys and gals race. I was hoping to run into a couple people that I have been wanting to meet for a while now. One is my fellow Oiselle teammate, Melissa and the other is Steve of Steve in a Speedo.

I ran into Steve right away and wished him good luck in his race. He was planning to run a 4:55. Yeah, he is a speedy guy.

I grabbed a photo with Steve after the meet.
I ran into Melissa just before the heat in which she was planning to run. I said good luck and watched her tear up the track. She is one super speed lady.

Me and Melissa post race.
I was in the 7th heat. I was hoping to finish around 6:00 to 6:15 but I hadn't done any speed work so my expectation where low for actually running that time.

The race started and I got behind a couple women. I was running 4th in my heat. The women slowly pulled away but I was running pretty even splits (45 sec) so I stuck with running my own race even though I really wanted to go with them.

I felt like I was on my own for laps 5 and 6 but pictures show there were people behind me. I didn't hear them. I was slowly reeling in the 2nd women and caught up to her at the start of the 7th lap. I decided to stay behind her for the lap which I shouldn't have done. I should have passed her with confidence and gone hard the last 2 lap.

I am in 3rd place in my heat here. I passed the women in green on the 7th lap.
Coming down the straight away on the 7th lap, I knew that I need to pass her and run as hard as I could. I only had 1 lap to go. I passed her and picked up the pace as much as I could. I  was going to say sprinted but lets be realistic, I can't sprint. I really have one pace and that is slow. I love to run long distances. A 1 mile race is way out of my comfort zone but it was so much fun. I look forward to running it again next year.

I finished in just under 6 min (5:59.9) according to the print out right after the race. Then when the official results came out, they listed my finish time as 6:00.4. I really wanted to finish in under 6. I was so close. Next time, I will get under 6.

Post race. Still catching my breath.

Overall, It was a great experience to race such a short distance again.

Other exciting news, I got to wear my Oiselle singlet for the first time! I was so fun representing Oiselle at a local race!

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