Friday, July 9, 2010

Photos from the Red, White and Boom! Half

Before the rain...
No, I don't run for Run n Fun. My awesome training partner gave me the jersey before she moved to Houston, TX. She ran on the race team. I wish I was on their race team but I am not fast enough. You have to be a very speedy runner to make the team.

During the rain...
Check out the steam coming off the road.

Almost to the finish line!!!

Crossing the finish line!

Okay Julie, you can stop running now. You've crossed the finish line.
But I just love running so much that I want to keep going.


  1. Great photos!! I especially love the last one. :) :)

  2. Your pictures turned out so much better than mine:) I look like death in a few of least our team pictures turned out!

    Are you running this Wednesday evening?

  3. Great pics -- you look awesome! Happy!

    Just found you and looking forward to following your journey! :-)