Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun Run Minnehaha Park

I ran the MDRA fun run last Wednesday evening. The weather was even worse than the previous week. There was a heat advisory until 6pm. The race was at 6:15 so it was hot and humid. I wasn't sure how it would feel with the weather. There was only one other woman running the 8k besides me. I decided before the run that I wasn't going to run too hard. I ran the first 2.5 miles around 7:00 pace. I hit the turn around with 3 other runners. The had 3 cups of water so the other runners took the 3 cups of water. I walked over to the car where they were filling the water and got a cup, drank it and set the cup in the car. I took off running again and my body just didn't want to run any more. My hip was hurting (more on that later) and I just felt like it would be a bad idea to push it. So I settled in at a nice relaxing pace to finish the run. I finished in 39:45 which is a lot slower than last week but I really backed off the pace. When I finished the race, my name was being called. I had won the prize drawing again! I headed over and thanked the fun run director and told him I won last week so he should pick someone else. He kept insisting that I pick a prize but I kept insisting that he pick another person. Finally, he gave in because I wouldn't pick a prize so some other person got the prize I wouldn't pick. I drank some water and biked home.


  1. Hi Julie,
    OMG, you are a rock star for running in this crazy icky weather that we have been having! You still did great:) Woo hoo for getting your name called again...lucky girl! You are so sweet to let someone else get the prize:)

  2. thanks so much for posting my giveaway, look forward to reading more of your blog!