Thursday, July 8, 2010

MDRA Fun Runs

Every Wednesday in July, the Minnesota Distance Runners Association host a fun run at Minnehaha Park. The distance is 2k, 4k or 8k. You pick your distance. It starts at 6:15 and only costs $1! Yeah!

They have done these fun runs for many summer but yesterday was the first time I did it. The weather left something to be desired. I was planning to bike to the park but it was raining when I was heading out the door so I opted to drive instead. It stopped raining before the run but it was very hot and humid. The air was so dense, it felt like I was running through pea soup. Side note: I haven't actually run through pea soup, it is just what I would image it would be like.

Since I ran a half marathon a few days ago, I decided to use it as a tempo run. They said the numbers were less than usual because of the weather. There were only 3 women and 8 men. The majority of the runners were from the Minnehaha Academy cross country team.

There wasn't anyone running my pace so I ran the 8k by myself. I was a little disappointed in this because I was hoping to find some people to train with, maybe next week. I finished in 35:10. I am happy with that time. I got a ribbon for participating.

After the race, they have drawing for prizes. My name was the first one drawn. Yippee! I could pick from a bunch of race t-shirts or a mug. I picked the mug. I have so many race t-shirts that I don't know what to do with them all. Plus, I think would feel a little weird wearing a shirt from a race that I didn't run. The mug is from the City of Lakes 25k in 2006. Do I feel weird about drinking from a mug from a race that I didn't run. Wait, let me check...nope, the water tasted refreshing. Here is a picture of the mug and ribbon!

Happy Running!


  1. That actually sounds like alot of fun! I love running by Minnehaha Park:) Maybe I can try to make a few of the Wednesday night runs! Good job Julie:)

  2. Julie, you should come join the fun runs. Unfortunately, they just meet at the park and then run down river road for the 8k. I don't know where the 2k and 4k go. I was hoping they would run some of the trails in the park.

  3. Fun! I hope you can find a training partner next time.

  4. Wow, fun!! I got an e-mail recently about these runs -- do they give out ribbons every time? I'm such a sucker for bling, I'll definitely make it I know there is some sort of reward involved! I bet you'll find a partner once the humidity goes away...

    I am currently signed up for Team Ortho's duathlon & the Monster Dash. However, there's a good chance I'll be moving out of state at the end of the summer, so my race schedule is a bit up in the air at this point. I'll be sure to keep you posted if I run any races in the cities ... and if I go to one of the Fun Runs! (We should actually plan for one... how does next week sound?!)

  5. P/S: I just saw your race times.... and I think you'll smoke me if we ever do an MDRA run. :) Perhaps I'll jut cheer for you and still hope for the ribbon.

    1:36 at the Red, White & Boom!? ARE YOU AWESOME OR WHAT!!!?

  6. Hey A,
    I think they will give the ribbons out every time so you should totally come. It would be awesome to run with you next week. I don't plan to run fast every time. I enjoy just meeting other runners and chatting while I am running. The course goes along river road which is a great place to run.