Thursday, May 24, 2012

A New PR...

I ran my first 25k trail race thus I set a PR. Leading up to the Trail Mix race, I was on the fence about racing. My runs have been less than stellar lately so I knew there would be no fast time or placing but a running buddy convince me to do it. Thanks running buddy for your love of trails and helping me to see how fun they can be.

Online registration closed at 11:59pm on Thursday for the Saturday race. At 11:45pm, I was still hemming and hawing over whether or not to run since I wasn't in top shape...yada yada yada...excuses. The clock turned over to 11:50pm, ok I decided to register. I raced through the registration process and finished at 11:55pm...Yeah, 4 min to spare.

My trail racing buddy told me don't start too fast. "Everyone starts fast and dies on the second loop" she said. Okay, start slow. So I started with a friend at the back of the pack. We weaved our way through other runners for the first couple miles running 9 min miles. I am trying to hold back but there are so many people in front of me. I slowly start to slip away from my friend. She yell that she is just going to let me go or she will blow up on the second lap. I think about staying with her an following my other experienced trail running friend's advice but I have never been good at following advice.

I picked up the pace a little and found myself passing people. From that point on, I wasn't passed by any one running the 25k. I did get passed by the men that were leading the 50k. The race was pretty uneventful from that point to the end. I was running by myself and occasionally passing people.

It was so fun running the 25k trail race, I can't wait for my next one. I think I want to try a 50k.

In other news, I just discovered the most awesome running apparel company ever. Oiselle! If you haven't checked out their apparel you absolutely need to head over to their website right now. Stop reading this post and go there now. You will love it. I can't stop reading their blog it is so funny and entertaining! What an amazing crew of women. Also you need to follow them on Twitter. Believe me. You won't be disappointed. These are some funny ladies! They also have some really amazing runners representing their brand. You should also read about them

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  1. Congratulations with finishing your 1st 25k trail race. Trails are the best! Pick a 50k and start training. It will be awesome! Have a super weekend!