Friday, June 25, 2010

Races I am Thinking about Running

I haven't raced since the first weekend in June. I feel like I am getting a little antsy to race. How did 3 weekends go by without me racing? In May, I did 4 races. This got me thinking that I don't have any races planned until the end of August. I really need to race at least a couple times before then.

Here is a list of races I am thinking about:
Red, White and Boom! Half Marathon
Boston Scientific 10K
Urban Wildland Half Marathon or Shakopee Derby Days 5k -Same day so I can only do one

Recommendations of races to do? Perhaps your favorite race?

I am also looking at purchasing a pair of racing flats. I really like my Brooks running shoes so I am thinking about the Brooks T6 racer. I am a little worried they will be to wide for my feet since they are unisex and I have really narrow feet. Which is actually another reason I like the Brooks brand, the shoes tend to be narrow compared to a lot of other shoes. So I am wondering if anyone has tried the Brooks T6 racer? What do you think? Would you recommend them?


  1. You need to run the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half in mid-August. It's where all the cool kids will be running!
    What could be better than cool kids in CO in summer?

  2. That sounds awesome! I can't think of anything better than cool kids running in CO in the summer! I would so do that race if I didn't have to take my written prelim in mid-August. Grad school gets in the way of all my fun.