Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good runs with old friends!

At the Minneapolis half marathon, I ran into a friend from high school! It was so awesome to run into her! It always amazes me how small the world is. It is rare that I run into friends from high school at races since I am from a small town about an hour from here. I did run into my high school social studies teacher at the Derby days race. I was dressed like this for the race...

So he didn't actually recognize me until I said hi and introduced myself. There was a costume contest so I dress up like a derby girl. I took 2nd in the costume contest and won my age group for the race...not bad for running in a dress and crazy large hat. Enough about that.

My friend and I met up on Tuesday morning and went for a run around lake Calhoun. It was a great day for a run and so much fun to catch up with an old friend.

Hopefully, we will meet again soon for another run. I love running with other people. I have really been missing my totally awesome training buddy since she moved to Houston, TX. She was the best training partner that I've had! She got me started running in the mornings and she was crazy fast. I use to only run in the afternoon/evening but now I run at 6:30 am...surprising, I know!


  1. Thank you! Yes I have been using Run Less Run Faster for a few months now but never specifically for marathon training, more for 5k/10k training. I reviewed the book on my blog if you want to check it out in more detail but I love it! Sometimes its hard not to run and I always cheat and run more but it gives some great workouts!

  2. I love running into friends at races! The running community is so awesome and there is something special about the relationships that we runners share:)

    You won because of your classy looking dress and posh/posh hat:) Congrats on the contest win!

  3. Keri - Thanks. I will have to check out your review of the book. I think it would be hard to not run but I should probably do more biking anyway so it might be good for me.

    Julie - I agree the running community is awesome!