Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ice Cream, Cake, Salt and Pepper

What do those 4 things have in common? They were a present from some fabulous friends!
Sorry for the sideways photo. I am too tired and lazy to try and figure out how to change it. My friends dropped off these ridiculously awesome salt and pepper shakers with notes on them that say "congrats" and "Dr. Julie." I like ridiculous and awesome so I might actually use them.

This has been a crazy busy weekend with a college roommate/fellow cross country runner visiting. We climbed the inside of the witches hat water tower, ran, went to the farmers market, went to her husbands choir concert, went on a tour de ice cream, hit up some garage sales (I love to buy books a garage sales and I found a bunch of awesome books this weekend - 11 to be exact), and ran a half marathon.

Race report tomorrow.

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  1. Those are AWESOME salt and pepper shakers! I can't wait to read how the race went for you.