Saturday, August 21, 2010

Urban Wildland Half Marathon

Wow! It has been a while. I have been trying to study like crazy. I take my written prelim exam in 1 week and my oral prelim exam in about 3 weeks. If I pass both of them, I am officially a doctoral candidate. Yippee!

I have been running a little. My hip and knee are bothering me some but I need to run to stay sane.

On to the race report:
The Urban Wildland Half Marathon is a great race! It is a green race, even the bibs are compostable. The bibs are imbedded with black eyed susan seeeds. Cool!!! I can't wait to plant mine. The race...I wasn't sure how it would go with my hip and not running much in July. I thought I would take it pretty easy, shoot for around 2 hours. Well, I started out and I was excited to be racing and I felt good. I passed the first 5k in 22:05...oops that was way too fast. But I was feeling so good so I thought maybe I will just go with it. At mile 4, my hips started giving me some trouble so I slowed down and continued to slow down for the next 6 miles. It was miserable to be running and to have blown up so badly. People were passing me left and right. I got to mile 11 and said to myself just go, get this race done with. Okay so I picked up the pace a little and started to pass people. I finished in 1:42:59. Better than I thought I would do.

39/641 women
16/254 age group

The bib while a great idea, in practice it wasn't so great. It fell off around mile 4.5. I grabbed it because I really wanted to plant the seeds.

So I have a duathlon in a week. I have yet to ride my road bike this year and I probably won't ride it before the race. I commute to school by bike but it is only 3.5 miles a couple times a week. This is the extent of my bike training. The bike portion is 18 miles. I did bike 14 miles one day this summer but I don't think it counts because I stopped twice for ice cream and once for tacos during the ride. Should I ride my road bike or just use the commuter that I have been riding all year?

Back to studying...


  1. Great job! I'm very impressed. You'll have to post an update on the bib planting- that sounds cool.
    For what its worth I think you should use the road bike-18 miles is long enough that you don't want to spend the entire time wishing you were on your faster bike...

  2. What do you mean "doesn't count?" The more times you stop for ice cream the better.

  3. Hi Julie,
    You are freaking amazing! Awesome job and fantastic time:) Go you!

  4. Awesome job, Julie! The Urban Wildland was my first half marathon ever and I loved every second & every thing about it. I am so excited to hear it's even more green, because it was an awesome no-waste race way back in the day! Great job, keep recovering, and good luck with the doctoral candidacy!


  5. the race bib sounds so cool! Nice finish. : )

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Melanie-The only thing I am worried about with riding my road bike is my butt...

    Reuben-Agreed about the ice cream but it doesn't really count as much of a training ride especially since I didn't ride my road bike.

    Julie-Are you running the Women run the Cities 10 mile race?

    A-I hope the hills in San Francisco are treating you well. Thanks for the luck with is kind of crazy.

    Molly-The race bibs are why I decided to do the race because they sounded so cool.

  7. I just found your blog today! I'm a new follower!